About us


Our vision at Dtracer is rooted in the belief that authenticity, quality, and transparency are paramount in differentiating our products. We recognize the profound societal shift driven by digitization and instant access to information, which has led to significant challenges for brands, resulting in substantial losses due to counterfeit products.

Dtracer was born out of the pressing issue of counterfeiting, where brands suffer immense financial setbacks when customers unknowingly purchase counterfeit goods. Through the power of Blockchain technology, we aim to empower brands by enabling them to authorize their valuable assets, including their products and brand, thus ensuring end customers the traceability and originality of their purchases.

We strive to be an integral part of this transformative journey by equipping companies with digital tools that not only guarantee the quality and safety of their products but also meet the evolving expectations of their customers. At Dtracer, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that uphold the values of authenticity, quality, and transparency, thereby reshaping the landscape of brand protection and customer satisfaction.

Our values



– Creation of resources to facilitate creators the authorship of their precious asset such as their product.





– Our value of quality simplifies any malpractice, since quality is one of the fundamental pillars of the company.




– DTRACER is committed to having the client as a key point, whether it is the final client or the creator.




– This value, as its name indicates DTRACER, is declared as transparent for all parties involved.

Our Address

1210 Washington Ave, Suite 213 – Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA