Traceability, stock control, and digital security, the perfect team for the protection of your brand.

At Dtracer, we believe that the security of your brand is priceless.

Therefore, we offer you an innovative solution that will allow you to:

  • Generate NFTs, raw materials, and shipments limitlessly, all supported by unrestricted product traceability.
  • Manage unlimited stock and traceability on the blockchain network, ensuring complete visibility for the consumer.
  • Generate an unlimited number of QR codes for absolute traceability of your products.
  • Document management and digitization of records without limits.
  • Activation and extension of warranties, as well as certificates of authenticity.
  • Price reduction based on the volume of acquired licenses, along with a welcome gift of €275, to strengthen the digital transformation of your brand



Dtracer has truly transformed our business operations. With its cutting-edge technology, we've not only enhanced our processes but also gained the trust of our customers. The added layer of authenticity and traceability has made a significant impact on our brand's reputation. We couldn't be happier with the results!



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